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MB: “I’m not happy putting this out there. Intimating that people should read it. It doesn’t seem…”


ED: “Right?”

MB: “Normal. It doesn’t seem normal. Ordinary. It’s a fake ordinary – an extraordinary – thing to do.”

ED: “You did an extraordinary thing…”

MB: “But I don’t have to tell everyone about it. I don’t have to put it out there…”

ED: “But you – we – have done…”

MB: “Don’t know how long it’s going to stay there for, though. Feels like – honestly – feels like I just… I just shouldn’t put the words out on display.”

ED: “And how’s that making you incapable of leaving this place?”

MB: “I think it’ll follow me around…”


ED: “What’ll follow you around?”

MB: “The story. The words. If I leave…”


MB: “If I walk out of here I’ll only have to race back in and go take all those words down; take them all away…”

ED: “Y’mean, if you leave, they’ll take on a life of their own?”


ED: “Y’mean, perhaps, that if you leave here, the words might come after you?”


Gatsby's Smile by Morana Blue at Amazon for Kindle

Read the whole mad, bad, psychotically murderous tale.

ED: “Or they’ll be out of sight – out of your sight – and you won’t be able to retract them at a second’s notice; that particular second’s notice – that particular second when thinking about it all is just too much…”

MB: (interrupting) “Or they’ll follow me too far.”


MB: (angry) “D’you reckon?”

ED: “You’re the psychiatrist.”


ED: “Leave ’em. Leave it. Let the story be.”


ED: “And go home.”

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