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Doc Donald subconsciously held his breath,

“You look awful,” and changed the subject.

“I’ve just escaped from hospital,” I said, then indicated my clothes, “These aren’t mine.  Pinched them off the ward.  I think I need a piece of string to keep the trousers up…”

His eyes widened, slightly horrified, trying to absorb this and, naturally, not finding it funny at all: I was a thief.  A thief who stole from the sick – or, maybe, the dying.

“She’d had her appendix out.”


“The woman I robbed.  She was only sick.”


“I mean she wasn’t dying.  I didn’t thieve clothes off a dying person…”

“That’s… good to know.”

“Doc, you know I don’t steal…”

“We don’t know the half of it, do we, about each other?”

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