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Harry weighed me up.
Brought me down.
Then indicated the burning house,
“I figured this was you,” he watched me carefully; he watched me watching my own house burn down.
My black eye, bitten lip, bust nose and swollen jaw might’ve bulged, pursed, twitched and dropped.
Maybe they did. I couldn’t really feel my face anymore.
My one good eye, at least, might’ve tried to gawk a bit; but didn’t.
“I’ve burnt my own house down?”
“Your behaviour’s been a little… extreme, lately.”
“Unorthodox, I think y’mean. But solid. Logical. A good solid logical means to a mad bad illogical bastard’s end. I got you Robert.”
I got Robert.
“Actually I got Robert,” Harry corrected. “You nearly got yourself killed.”
I looked back to the flames,
“You reckon I’m off my rocker?”
“Reckon so.”
Rock on.
At the far end of the house, my study’s square-leaded window – the last window standing – already contorted and molten and hanging itself off of its blazing hardwood frame, finally fell out.
“I didn’t do this.” My study looked weird without a window. Aside from the heat and the smoke and the thick bright flames, there was nothing, now, to keep all the mad bad illogical bastards out.
Or in.
Harry flickered.
I turned back to him, sucked in a searing hot breath – then gingerly let it out across the distance between us,
“I didn’t. Honestly. I came home for a lie down.”
Harry took a moment. Took me in. Tested me out. Then pulled his mobile from his pocket and speed-dialed.
“Kris. Plan B.” He pocketed the ‘phone and gazed an expert eye around, through and beyond the gathered crowd.
Looking for Robert.
Why else would my house be burning down. Because Betty next door left her chip pan on? Because Frankie the postman dropped a lighted cigarette?
Because I stabbed Lithium Bob through the palm with a fancy fish knife.
Explained it.
Robert’s escaped. Robert’s gone. Robert’s gone and burnt my house down.
And Robert is here.
Watching it burn.
Watching me carefully – just like Harry had done. Watching me watch my own house burn down.
Watching. Me. Burn.

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